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Black & White Worth A Twirl

Probably my most popular instagram picture yet and I'm not surprised because this skirt is killer. I am obsessed with it. The construction was amazing. It's ultra-flattering and super high quality. I was absolutely thrilled with how pretty it photographed in motion. It was also one of my more embarrassing moments. We had to find a spot where I could be down low and photos taken from up high. The solution - a skate park. Keep in mind this place is open - skateboarders everywhere. Here I stroll in wearing my 5 inch heels and fancy skirt. I actually fall on my butt climbing down into the bowl. Then I'm just down there gleefully spinning in my pretty skirt. Felt pretty cool ya'll! Those skateboarders must have thought I was crazy - I'm sure they were ready for me to vacate their bowl. The things I will do for fashion! 

I rented my skirt rom here. I love high-end clothing but my wallet is not as in love with it. I'm a big fan of statement pieces and the thing about them is you can only wear them so often because they are so memorable. I have an unlimited account with Rent The Runway. What that means is I can have 3 pieces out at  time for as long as I want for one monthly fee. I can swap out as often as I want and my shipping is included. This gets me about 12 cool pieces a month if I just use them for the weekends. You never get bored with your wardrobe, they take care of the dry-cleaning, and you end up with some serious wow outfits. I couldn't recommend it more. If you really love something so much you don't want to return - you can buy it at a discounted price. Hard to beat that deal. If you just want to rent once - this skirt is available here for a rental fee of $75 - right now new customers can use the code FIRSTRTR20P to save 20% off their first order. If would prefer to buy you can purchase here new. 

I purchased my top from TOBI and unfortunately they no longer carry it. I have some similar options on the shop link above. I wear this top with so many outfits - it is very versatile. You can purchase my shoes here.

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