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Cheers To A Dozen Years

Kicking off a dozen years of marriage with some Mimosas! Hubs spoiled me this weekend by mastering my fav Starbucks recipe and surprising me with Mimosas in bed. He is always doing thoughtful things like that. I am definitely a lucky lady. Marriage is far from easy but it is so rewarding. It is hard to believe we have already been married for 12 years but then I try to remember life before being his wife - and that is harder.

Here's to turning gray together, becoming grandparents together, and hopefully great-grandparents too (absolutely NO rush on any of those milestones though). There isn't anyone I'd rather be on this adventure with!!

PS -  when I was posting on instagram and starting inputting hashtags - when you type 12 the first thing that comes up is #12yearsaslave - just 'sayin ;) I got a good laugh out of that one!! 

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