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Down The Rabbit Hole

I felt like Alice in Wonderland with this dress. It probably had something to do with the location too. This beautiful historical building had become part of it's surroundings. Nature had completely taken it over. It was really cool to see the old paintings still on the walls and try to imagine what it was like in it's glory days. The contrast between the greenery and the broken windows was so appealing too. As for the look. I went for metallic all the way from the necklace to the sparkling shoes. I figure with some things it's better to go big then to play it safe.

I'm pretty sure ya'll are going to start hating me because this dress is not available anywhere (I'm bad about that because I love to shop pre-owned) - it's by Lashes of London and I purchased it years ago on Poshmark. My shoes are from Zara (my fav)! But currently not in stores - however - I found pre-owned pairs for you. Size 7.5 here, size 10 here, size 6 here, size 9 here, another size 6 here, and another size 7.5 here. I have some other fun similar styles above in the shop link. My necklace is Zara (told you it was my fav) - similar styles above.

If you are new to the world of Poshmark - get ready to be addicted. I spend hours on that site. It's the best way to sell clothing you no longer use and it's the best way to find amazing prices on great pieces. You can shop my closet on there too - here

POSHMARK TIPS: Always make an offer (unless the seller says price firm in the description). I would recommend no more then 20-30% off their asking price. It's always best to be fair. Most likely they will accept of counter back with their lowest. Check out the seller's entire closet before purchasing. If you can find multiple items you like from them - click add to bundle on each item, When you bundle items from a seller's closet - usually they give you a discount (it will say their bundle discount in the item's description) and you only have to pay shipping once. I've gotten 10 items for $30 dollars before. You an find crazy deals when bundling.  Also when you download the app - use my referral code BDQZZ and get $5 for your first purchase.

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