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Lace Up Everything

I'm a big fan of pieces that are unique but still easy to wear. This knit striped dress has such cool details with the lace up sides and muted colors. It's easy to throw on and makes enough of a statement that you don't need much else. Dresses are the first thing I grab when I'm rushed - much less decisions required. The perfect pairing for the lace up sides was my lace up sandals. They are very comfy although they do require a bit of effort to put on - would not recommend these for a shopping day (at least not if you'll be trying on shoes).

I know - I'm the absolute worst about showing looks where you cannot buy the actual items I'm wearing! I'm sorry ladies! I promise I am working towards improving this for you. In the meantime hopefully you can think of my looks as ideas or inspiration for you own amazing style. I am a huge shopper of pre-owned items because I think there are such great deals to be found. This dress is an older style by Zara and my sandals are Zara as well. I'm an absolute Zara addict so I'm constantly looking for styles I don't own. I'm still learning my way in the fashion blogger world. Thanks for bearing with me and I will strive to create some looks that are still in stores.

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