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Temperley London Obsessed

This is one of those wow pieces. The kind you wear and feel amazing. The fabric is lux, the print is so unique, and the back...how I love it. We had a fun time shooting this pics - if you're a Walking Dead fan (I'm a pretty big one) you might recognize the location. It's where they shot Terminus. I kept half expecting a zombie to walk around the corner. That would have made for some cool photos, although I would have been so worried they'd grime up my dress. That is the biggest flaw in Walking Dead for me - the wardrobe is so boring, repetitive, and drab. I get it. They need to be realistic but I kind of want to put a pretty dress on Maggie just once. What happened to all the malls? Is there no decent clothing left behind?

Once again I'm going to go on about how much I love Rent the Runway's unlimited program! I rented this dress here - you can rent for $350 or sign up for unlimited and get an unlimited closet for one monthly fee (which is drastically less then the cost of renting this dress once). You can also purchase the dress here or here. This dress is amazing. The fabric feels so lux and the print is so beautiful. The ruffle front, contrasting lining, and elegant low back made me feel like a princess.

My shoes are from Zara and are no longer available. If you are ok with pre-owned I found a few pairs available on Poshmark. I would strongly suggest making an offer anytime you purchase on this site. The majority of the time sellers will lower their prices for you. If you wear a size 9 you can purchase here ($60), a size 7 here ($42), and another size 9 here ($25). You can also get a similar pair here for $25.

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