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Date Night - I'm Swooning Over This Embroidered Dress


I love embroidery. I am so drawn to it and this gorgeous dress completely covered embroidery has my heart all a flutter! I am so thrilled with the details and all of the beautiful colors on this dress. It is an absolute show stopper. The statement dress that you can't forget. It's perfect for date night, your Sunday best, or even those family pictures you've been pondering over what to wear in. 

This dress does all the work. Your shoes don't matter - I wore flip flops (whose the wiser?) The only accessory I felt like could work with the dress were my earrings. Honestly - I'm wishing I'd left my watch off. Less is more here. I got my embroidered dress here. Dezzal is amazing - you will find so many things you want! Their items are well made and beautiful. I am so happy with this dress! It's so dreamy and whimsical. 


  1. Oh wow this dress is stunning! The embroidery detail is perfection and I love your little added details!

    1. Thanks girl!! You are so sweet :) Love getting to read your comments!