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Love Unconditionally With Eva & Eli

Loving the message printed across this tee from Eva & Eli. Isn't that the way love is supposed to be? I feel like if your love in conditional - then it's not love. I don't think I truly understood love until I met my oldest son - one look at your child and you know there is nothing that could ever sway the strength of your love for them. True love is always unconditional.

You can get my soft tee from Eva & Eli here. I love this sweet brand created by a stay at home mama and named after her two loves (her husband and daughter). Her passion & love are evident in each of her designs. As for the rest of the look - I have similar items to my pants & shoes above. My pants are old navy & shoes are Zara (neither are still available). As for my boys - Sawyer's tank is from H&M, his pants & hat are Target (just bought these), and his shoes are also from Target. Finn - is wearing a tee from Skeletees, shorts from a decade ago (no joke - bought those when Connor was little and he's 11 now), and his shoes are available on the shop bar above.

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