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Mama Bear And Her Man Cub

I'm kinda obsessed with how cute my little "man cub" looks in these pictures (I know I'm biased!). He is always happy to model for me and just has a natural coolness about him. He doesn't get it from his mama - I struggle to look natural in photos. I'm always thinking on repeat - don't look posey, don't look posey, be natural. Finn has endured his entire life with a mom taking constant pictures so I guess he has truly learned how to embrace the camera. Bear (yes, pun intended) with me because I did a terrible job of narrowing down the pictures. I just posted it all - decisions are not my strong suit.

Our super cute tees are from Skeletee Printing. You can get my Mama Bear tee here and Finn's Man Cub tee here. Take a moment to browse their options while you're over there. I've got my eye on their Live Happy Pineapple tee - you know I'm pretty obsessed with pineapples over here! As for shopping the rest of the outfit - my jeans are from J. Crew but I couldn't find the same pair so there are some similar options via the shop bar. Finn's shorts are from Old Navy but I bought them when Connor was a baby (so like 10 years ago) - I found some other options I love on the shop bar above. Finn's little hat is from Target and I just purchased last week so it should still be available!

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