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Sammy Dress Floral Keyhole Top

This floral keyhole top from Sammy Dress (only $16) has given me a great excuse to wear my leather pants. I love them and hardly ever find tops that work perfectly with them. While this top is sold as a dress - I'm pretty tall (5'7") and there was no possible way I could wear it as a dress. It might work flawlessly for those with shorter legs. I love the way it flows and the high low hemline. The fabric is light and easy to wear in early fall or to layer in the colder months. I can  also see this working great with leggings and over the knee boots.

If your new to shopping at Sammy Dress - here are my observations:

SHIPPING: In my case it was pretty fast (a little over a week)

FIT:  You have to pay close attention to the measurements as their sizing can run smaller than our sizing. I applied my measurements to the ones provided on their site and everything I have ordered has fit me well. I knew that this top/dress would not work on me as a dress before placing my order because of the measurements - but I thought it would be super cute as a top.

QUALITY: Let's get real here - if you pay $16 dollars for a dress it is not going to be the best made piece of clothing you've ever purchased. The clothing from Sammy Dress is not going to last a lifetime but it will outlast the trend. There were some loose threads on my clothing and the fabric quality was nothing amazing. I still love it though. It's the perfect way to have trendy clothing without spending a fortune.

You can get my top/dress here. You can also visit Sammy Dress on Facebook or you can visit the site to see pictures of real buyers wearing their clothing. I always like to look here for inspiration.  As for the rest of my outfit - both my shoes & pants are from Zara.

*I was provided free clothing in exchange for my review - all of the opinions are mine and mine alone.*

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