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Taking My Sequins Out To The Ballgame

I'm such a girly girl! I love all things that sparkle - sequins and glitter count me in. Ironic that I like in a house completely filled with boys but maybe that gives me a good excuse to go a little over the top on the sparkle - got to keep the girly alive. I'm sure it's not a huge surprise after all that sparkle talk but I'm not much of a sports buff. I saw this sports "diamond" as an opportunity to try out a new outfit and that's pretty much all. So I'm bringing my sequins out the ballgame and I think I've found a way to make them casual!

So here's the shopping breakdown. My skirt is from Express - several seasons ago. I bought it for a Vegas trip and found it gathering dust in the back corner of my closet. While you can't purchase the exact same skirt. All you need is one with some sparkle! My jacket is from H&M. Converse for my kicks because they are my go-to. All of my jewelry with the exception of my watch (Michael Kors) is from Gorjana. My shades are Forever 21 and my simple gray tee was found at Nordstrom. I found the same or similar items on the shop bar above. So get your sparkle on ladies!


  1. LOVE this! Can't deny your sequins!

  2. I saw this on IG and loved it. Great shoes and sunnies, too.


  3. I'm such a girly girl too--I love things that sparkle!! Cute skirt!! :)

    Xx, Emily

  4. I love this look! And the way you dressed it down a little with your converse. Perfect look for a ball game! xx, E

  5. What a fun look! I am a sucker for sequins so I feel ya girl.

    xoxo, Jenny

  6. Im usually not into sequins but you styled it well!

  7. This outfit is so cute! I love sequins and ball games, haha!


  8. Love the outfit! Never would have to thought to pair a sequin skirt like that.