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Team Gilmore Girls - Represent!

All my favorite girls are getting back together on November 25th and I could not be more excited!! I have missed them so! I was so into that show that they had started to feel like they were really my besties. I'm so eager to see where their lives are now. When I saw the Girls From Gilmore top at Urban Tee Farm - I know I had to represent! I styled it 3 different ways because this top is so insanely soft and comfy - you are going to want to wear it as often as possible.

Option 1: Your fav distressed denim + animal print loafer = comfortable yet still chic

Option 2: White Shorts + White converse = Simple, casual, and great for summer nights or transitioning into fall

Option 3: Polka Dot Pencil Skirt + Burgundy D'Orsay Heels = A dressed up way to wear your comfortable tee - this look is even office ready. 

You can snag your Gilmore Girl tee from Urban Tee Farm. I love how lightweight this is and it is so so so so so so soft (you get it - it's really really soft). As for the rest of the items from my looks - the majority are above via the shop bar or similar alternatives. Can't find something you wanted - just comment below and I will get back to you asap with the details.

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