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Disney Week - All About Alice

 So we made it to Disney World last week and as I write this we are currently making the long drive back to our home. The trip was both amazing and exhausting. It even contained a surprise called hurricane Matthew.  I set out with the intentions of a fun week filled with Disney fashion - ya'll I did my very best. It was SO much harder than I anticipated to take quality photos in Disney world. I didn't take into account the humid heat, the exhausted un-cooperative kiddos, or the massive crowds of people everywhere. Day 1 - we hit up the Magic Kingdom full of energy and excitement! He still loves me here (just kidding)!

The only family photo captured. Seriously. This is the only one of all 6 of us. Cue sad music. At least we are all there - some are smiling. I will take it! Happy we even got the one. Wish I could bring a traveling photographer with us but for now - we will depend on the kindness of strangers at Disney. 

I look pretty excited but the kids are like - "Seriously MOM! Can we stop with photo shoot and ride some rides already! We are at Disney!!"

A rare one on one moment with my Jackson. I love the little smile on his face. He eats up the time where he gets un-divided attention. I always feel so bad that my boys get so little of this. It's so difficult to spread the attention evenly amongst 4 kiddos. 

 Since this look is all about Alice - we had to head over to the Mad Tea Party. You won't find a cute pic of me spinning in the cups though. The would end in a very sick version of me. I think maybe I could handle them if my kids wouldn't spin them in the wildest circles possible but I know better than to chance it at this point.

I love this teacup top from Shop Wishes & Wands. It is actually more of a tunic with dropped sides so it looks great with skinnies too. It was so hot and humid in Orlando though so I opted to pair it with a white skirt. Crazy to wear white at Disney but I was armed with shout wipes and a tide pen. It's the first day so - I went for it! 

My super cute ears are from Luby & Lola. This girl has mad skills. She sent out 3 beautiful pairs of ears to me. I loved them all! They were light, well made, and they didn't leave me with a headache like so many headbands typically do. Curious about the other pairs - don't worry - I'll be sharing them all over the course of this week.

So totally obsessed with this gorgeous Alice charm bracelet from Seffira Bead & Beyond. The little charms are so cute with the gold links. Did you notice the cute blue tassel? I told you I'm crazy over tassels!

We spent a ton of time in Tomorrow Land with my space obsessed boys. They love everything over there. My older two rode space mountain twice. Pretty big victory because they are usually total cowards when it comes to thrill rides.

They convinced me to ride these rockets for the first time. It's kinda sneaky because you don't realize what you are getting into until you reach the top of the elevator and it's time to board your rocket. They go around so quickly in circles - way faster than Dumbo or the Aladdin carpets. I was sooooo dizzy. Yuck. Never doing that one again but my boys loved them!

The big thrill of the day was their new light sabers. The ONLY souvenir they were allowed to get this year. Yes - these mean parents made them choose just one. Do the math - everything we buy gets multiplied by 4. One souvenir was pretty costly. They are in love with the light sabers though - constant battles all day long. Finn is protecting the recycling bins from those trying to place things other than cans (my grandpa would be really proud). They light up too - like any good "light" saber. 

Curious what Disney looks like with 4 kids. Overwhelming. Exciting. Exhausting. A never-ending marco polo game. I just walked around counting all the time - 1, 2, 3 - who are we missing? I truly understand why parents use those leash book bags now. I tried the buddy system but it didn't work so hot for us.

In order to survive one must have lots of starbucks. Seriously - caffeine is very necessary. 

At some point my kids poured their mandarin orange juice all over me. Very sticky. Pungent sugary citrus aroma. I had a change of clothing waiting. I wore a white skirt after all so I was prepared. I was more surprised that it was them and not my clumsy self that caused the outfit change.

Tried my first Dole Whip and was not at all disappointed! I know what the fuss is all about now! Those things are speaking straight to my sweet tooth! My cute Lilly Pulitzer magic band decal is from Magical Monograms by the way.

When we got back to the hotel I got to show you this super adorable Alice Tee. I love the loose fit and the sparkles. They cupcake on the front is so me! I love cupcakes! Glitter Ever After is the best - she customized my tops to my preferences completely and was super fast. The quality is excellent! I also have an adorable sparkling mermaid tank to show you from Glitter Ever After this week.

1) Teacup Tunic c/o Wishes & Wands
2) Alice Charm Bracelet c/o Seffira Bead & Beyond
3) Satin Bow Ears c/o Luby & Lola
4) Wonderland Cupcake Glitter Shirt c/o Glitter Ever After

 If you have questions about the other items shown - please just comment below and I will be happy to help!

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