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Disney Week - Even Your Nails Can Join In On The Fun

I am a huge Disney fan - obviously - if you've been on the blog at all this last week. I was so excited to get to have even my nails reflect my passion for all things Disney! Jamberry has an amazing collection of Disney nail wraps to choose from - you should see the new ones that just came out! They are so cute! New to the Jamberry world? Don't worry! I was too - this is my first experience with Jamberry and I love it!

It's definitely one of those things where the more you do it - the better you get. By the 4th set - I had really gotten so much better! I seem to do awesome on most fingers but really struggle on my ring finger...not sure what it is about that one. But the 4th time seemed to be the charm! The Nordic Blossoms wraps above are my favorite thus far! Love them - still have them on my nails as I type and it has been over a week since I applied them. They really do endure. No chipping with these and no painting skills required. The hassle of waiting for your nails to dry is over. The options are so endless with wraps and they are constantly adding new choices.

If you are thinking about trying out Jamberry - this is what I would recommend: find a consultant who will take the time to teach and help you. Stephanie is the best - she even video chatted with me to show me step by step how to get my nail wraps on! When I run into issues  (the finish on each wrap can vary how long you need to apply heat) and I email her she is always so quick to respond and help. She's made this experience really easy and fun! You can shop & get in touch with her here!

Curious about the wraps I have on in the pics? Here are the links for you: It's Purdy  /  Pop Princess   /  Nordic Blossoms

*I was provided complimentary sets of jamberrys in exchange for my honest opinions and feedback. The words above are all my own and my true thoughts. *

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