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Disney Week - Kids Style Picks

Our trip is coming to a close - this was the day before our last day. The kids voted for Epcot and we rejoiced because this meant we could have another go at the Food & Wine Festival! Yay for wine & beer at the theme parks. First thing of course we had to do some rides - test track, nemo, and it's not a trip to Epcot without a ride through time in the giant silver ball.

My little models showing off the squad of Storm Trooper Mickey tees. I had to get in on the game with my Empire Strikes Back. Finn is super grumpy in all of my pics. I had to fight him to get a photo. We are talking serious bribery too and he still looks super angry. He has entered a very stubborn phase and if he doesn't want to do something - it's basically impossible to get him to work with you. However - I LOVE their cute Star Wars tees - they match but without being corny. As if Storm Troopers could ever be corny. You can get your own from American Anarchy.

My boys loved this Jungle Book Trucker Hat from Hatopia. They all wore it throughout the trip. They actually argued over who got to wear the hat. Well - Connor didn't but thats because he thinks he's a super cool teen now...he's eleven. I've always loved the Jungle Book and so do my boys. They are so envious of the idea of getting to live outside without any rules. I would love to see their thoughts if they actually tried living outside - the no wifi would hit them pretty quick.

 How cute is this Straight Outta Disney tee from the Sugar Creek Shoppe?!? It's like the cool version of Disney apparel. Jack of course is working his too-cool from the Disney"hood" lack of smile. He's pretty hard to impress and he actually told me this tee was "on fleek". Which of course I had to google. Am I really so old I have to google the trends now? Scary when your 8 year old is hipper than you.

Every time I see this tee it makes me chuckle. I love the witty play on words. I had to explain the meaning to Jack - see son I still have more knowledge than you - but Connor got it immediately. Sawyer & Finn just absolutely love Peter Pan (their favorite ride too). Sawyer was so excited to get to wear his new Peter Pan tee. I dressed my kids in black and gray pretty much the whole trip. Connor asked me why - especially with it being so hot - and I explained it's the only color they don't ruin. It really is and because of that I love when I have the option of buying black. I wish more clothing for kids came in that color. You would be appalled by all the clothing that went straight into the garbage after one use. My kids are super hard on clothing, super messy, and they have a mom that is laundry/stain challenged. It's a hard knock life for light clothing in our home. You get your own So Fly Neverland Tee from Sposix.

 The boys are avid Star Wars fans and really enjoyed their Star Wars Magic Band decals from Magical Monograms. I can't recommend these decals enough! They are so affordable - most only $5 - and they let your kids have customized magic bands. The fancy ones available in the theme parks are SO expensive. EVERYTHING at Disney is expensive. This way they get to have the customized look and it won't cost you a ton! And the next time you visit you can get a different decal if your kids want - your magic bands are reusable and the decals are easy to remove and change out.

 One of my kids favorite things to do in the Disney theme parks is to trade pins. The last time we went we had the typical lanyards around our necks covered in our pins. This did not go so well for us - especially the boys. The pins would fall off in the parks and get lost - this tends to end in tears. They are also hard for the younger boys to remove when they go to trade and they usually have to take off their whole lanyard just to be able to see all of the pins. Not to mention you're pretty limited on storage space.

This year we were lucky enough to get to use a genius product from GoPinPro - the PinFolio. This thing is amazing. Your kids can easily view and swap all of their pins in the park + they don't lose them. Every time we went to trade people would comment on how cool and smart their PinFolio was. We loved using it! If your child is at all interested in pin trading it's a must have. Also be sure to order a lot of pins from GoPinPro. This is the cheapest way to go. It doesn't matter if you end up with duplicates or pins your children don't want in your lot. The whole point is that they are completely tradable in the parks and very affordable. You would pay at least $4-$5 dollars per pin inside the park. When you order a lot of these pins they are $1 or less. Then you can trade till you get all the pins you really love. The fun is about the trading after all. Connor is on a quest for all things transportation (monorails are his fav) and Jackson loves the Mickey heads.

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