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Disney Week - Lilly & The Animal Kingdom

Day 2 at Disney we headed out to Animal Kingdom.This was my first day trying to do Disney on my own with the boys. Hubby had to start attending the convention - which was our my excuse for this trip to begin with. I mean if he has to be in Orlando and his company is already paying for the hotel - isn't it meant to be that we get to go to Disney World?!? I certainly think so!

Perhaps it's a Lilly Pulitzer overload but I figured in this case - go big or go home. All the prints paired so perfectly together and this romper was great for beating the humid heat. The pockets were a big plus too. I will say - I wish someone could come up with an easier way to use the restroom in a romper. Just another example of the things woman do for fashion.

This Lilly decal from Magical Monograms was so cute! I got compliments on it the whole trip. I loved how it took my basic magic band and made it look stylish. The process is as simple as applying a sticker and so much cheaper than buying those fancy magic bands in the park. Plus since you can re-use your magic bands (just figured that out this year - so don't toss yours out) - you can easily switch to a new decal each trip. You can't do that with the bands that have the design built in. Did I forget to mention the price? It's only $5!! Also it comes in tons of different Lilly fabric options - at that price you don't have to choose.

Obviously my Lilly look would not be complete without a pair of Lilly ears from The Fairy Godsisters. These beauties are so cute and well made - the backside is even covered in Lilly fabric. I really loved how this look all came together even though it was 3 different prints.

Don't you hate when a statue hogs all the fountain seating?

 How amazing is this beautiful plant lady. If you didn't look closely you would have missed her. She unfolded out of the trees and towered over all of us. I was so inspired by it! I have new photo ideas and costume ideas pulsing through my mind even now as I type this!

Loved getting to see all the colorful and unique animals that call this Disney theme park their home. My boys had so much fun on the safari and exploring the trails looking for different animals. Keeping up with the 4 of them on my own was certainly a challenge. I'm not going to lie - there was a moment when I lost one of them! Only like 2 mins - he had moved from the dinosaur dig site to the dino playground but it scared the anything out of me! I'm surprised I have any photos to show you - I was so scared to look anywhere except to count heads.

This was the one place I was able to kind of relax and let them run about. There is only one way out and I knew that as long as I stayed near the exit - they couldn't get past me. This was their favorite part of the park. This boneyard playground was so much fun for them! I so wish we had something like this near our home.

Jackson lives to climb. We spent the entire trip telling him not to climb on things. He would climb every surface at Disney World. The staff was constantly chastising him too. He is all boy. Up until recently his career aspiration was to be a hobo and live in a tent. He just loves to be outside and free. He has on a Star Wars magic band decal from Magical Monograms.

This boy was so fun to watch experience Disney. He was either the happiest child in the world or the loudest screaming child in the park. There was no in-between (excluding sleeping). He loved running around the playground and playing in the water. So glad when he is in happy mode and not the stubborn whiny mode.

Without a doubt this was Sawyer's favorite place. He is the huge dino fan in the family. He can name all of them and is shocked when I don't know the different species. He would have stayed here the entire vacation. He is the biggest sweetheart and I just loved getting to see him so very happy!

If you have any other questions about the clothing or accessories above - please leave me a comment and I will be happy to help. I would love to hear your stories and feedback too! 

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