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Disney Week - Whosits & Whatsits

Day 3 at Disney we headed to Hollywood Studios. This was my second day on my own and it was definitely more challenging than the first day alone. The weather was not my friend. Lucky for me hubby was able to catch up with us around dinner time that evening - so I only had to do the first 7 hours!! It is totally worth it and totally exhausting. This fun top from Whosits and Whatsits was so fitting for my attitude - well at least my attitude at the beginning of the day!

I know he's standing on the ledge but he is so close to catching me and only 11. This guy is going to be tall!

Attempting a group shot - clearly it's not working out as I had planned but at least it's realistic.

I am so in love with the fall floral Minnie Mouse ears from Luby & Lola. They are so seriously pretty. I am trying to figure out how I can wear them when I'm not at Disney because I love the floral crown and the colors are so perfect for this time of year. Please ignore my frizzy hair. Orlando humidity and I are NOT friends + it rained on me for like 3 hours today.

So we were hiding under a slightly covered area outside to get some shade while we stuffed our faces full of ice cream when the skies opened and it poured something major. At first I thought - no biggie - we are covered and it's Florida so this will quickly pass. I was completely wrong. Thirty minutes into this rain storm our little smidgen of roof started to leak like crazy - so we just bolted to the first place we could find. We wound up completely soaked and inside the Star Wars area. This place was really cool. They had lots of things from the movies to check out, video games to play, and you could meet Chewbacca. It was also dry (though we were freezing). The boys got bored fairly quickly and we ended up just sitting in a secluded area where they could run around and play - you guessed it - Star Wars. Here's where things get cool. Out of nowhere appeared storm troopers who started to lecture my children to behave. It was awesome. Scared the anything out of the younger two. I SO wish I had it on video or that the storm troopers would make house calls the next time my kiddos get out of hand...so like daily.

Hollywood Studios is a hot mess right now with all their work on the upcoming Star Wars addition. They had removed so many of my favorite things. The Honey I Shrunk the Kids play area is gone, the backlot tour is gone, the action car stunt show is gone, and they even barricaded the area that had all the city backdrops like New York and San Fransisco. I loved that area!! The older crew was riding Star Wars with their dad so Finn and I did a little photo shoot. He is such a little model for me - when he wants to be.

Sawyer teaching Finn the correct way to play Storm Troopers. I guess they were inspired and for once Finn is listening intently to what Sawyer has planned.

I loved Finn's little outfit this day. His Mama Said tee is available here ($22) and his Wanderlust Trackies ($18) are available here. I got his little green vans from 6PM ($30).

I think he lost his battle with the Dark Side.

Jackson has become quite the photographer this trip. He's been taking pictures everywhere with my little Nikon 1. It's been really cool to see him get interested in something that I actually have "some" knowledge about!

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