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Love At First Lock - Hair Extensions from Milk + Blush

Ya'll I am completely obsessed with my new hair! I am a hair extension virgin and now I don't know how I ever lived without them. My hair has always been very thin and struggles to hold body. I've also damaged it terribly over the years by constantly bleaching and was recently forced to cut it so much shorter than I wanted because the ends were just beyond repair. Milk + Blush provided me with a set of their extensions and they instantly gave me my dream hair!

See my hair before the extensions. Shoulder length and super thin. I had spent tons of time curling it before leaving the house and even with pounds of hair spray - one step out the door and it is super flat. Now I can have my full thick dream hair in just about the same amount of time - obviously it will take a little longer because you have more hair to curl. However, the extensions hold curl really well so I don't have to curl them that often. Do I wear the extensions everyday? No - I'm a busy mama of 4 who really likes her sleep. I wear them anytime I actually style my hair though. So if it's not in a top knot I'm rocking the long locks. I thought people would call me out immediately for my suddenly long hair but they didn't. Instead I got constant compliments on how pretty my hair was but no one seemed to realize that it had grown overnight. They just thought the difference was the way I had it styled or the color. Not one person asked me if it was really my hair - even my kiddos didn't notice. 

I did a lot of research on hair extensions so that I would know exactly what I wanted and also the proper way to care for mine. I knew that I wanted 100% Remy Human Hair so that it not only look natural but I could also style it just like I would style my own. I chose to get ombre extensions to help my hair stay healthier - I have to make far less trips to the salon to deal with my roots + they blend so well. I took a picture of the color of my hair extensions to my stylist and had her dye my hair to match. I would so recommend doing this to make sure they match flawlessly. You can also send in a picture of your hair to Milk + Blush and they will take the guess work out of it for you and tell you the shade of extensions that would best match your hair.

They are easy to put in. It's basically a strip of hair with a clip or clips across the top that you simply  clip into your hair. In order to make it look natural you want to clip them in layers under your natural hair. I start out by pulling the top hair of my hair into a topknot and then separating my hair below into sections. If you place those tiny clear rubber bands to small sections of your hair and then clip your extensions into those - they stay budge proof. Once I layer them under my natural hair I let down my top knot and start styling as I normally would. I would strongly recommend that you use a heat protectant on your hair to keep your extensions from getting damaged.

You should also wash them on occasion. Never blow dry them - so wash when you have the time to let them air dry. Also don't brush them out when they are wet. Use a brush that is meant for extensions when brushing so you don't damage them and a sulfate free shampoo is best.

Have you ever considered hair extensions? I honestly never thought of them until recently and now I can't imagine not using them. You can shop the extensions here at Milk + Blush. My color is the Surf's Up.

*I was provided a complimentary set of extensions in exchange for my honest opinions and feedback. The words above are all my own and my true thoughts. *


  1. I've never considered it but love how they look on you!!

    1. Thank you so much! I was honestly surprised how much I like them and how natural they looked :)