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Piper Finn Meets My Little Finn

 First of all - apologies for the extreme abundance of pics in this post but he's my baby and I just can't choose favorites! It's so fitting that my little Finn loves the cute shoes from Piper Finn. I love all of their options - ALL. Love the attention to detail they put into their shoes and the quality they provide. They are light and breathable + super comfy according to my little guy. The adorable oxfords are even 100% leather.

Seriously - how cute are these little shoes?!? I am so obsessed with them! You can get the classic brown oxfords here and the herringbone oxford here. Also make sure you check out the full ranges of options available at Piper Finn. They even have sweet little baby oxfords!

*I was gifted the shoes shown above in exchange for my honest feedback. The opinions above are all my own*

1 comment:

  1. He is such a natural!! Quite the little model. Too cute.