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Zaful Resort Options For Your Winter Escape

I love the bright colors of this Palm Print dress - they are so pretty! The fit of the dress is just right - not too tight but not too big. It's very flattering and the back is simply gorgeous! I love this for days by the pool and beach. Even though fall is starting to set in I'm always looking for clothing for vacations. We will be beachside over Thanksgiving break and this dress has a reserved spot in my suitcase. The quality is surprisingly good for the so affordable price of only $18.

I'm not going to lie y'all - this was way out of my comfort zone. Since entering mom territory my swimwear tends to be pretty conservative. Not that I have a problem with the skimpy bikinis I see all over the place - just don't feel like my body is quite right for them anymore. This swimsuit from Zaful is quite far from conservative but the high waisted nature of the bottom makes me feel like it balances the top out. Will you catch me at the pool wearing this with my boys? No way - there could be one heck of a wardrobe malfunction there. But I will take it to Vegas when I get to travel with just the hubby for our annual no kids vacation.

If you're a busty girl - this is not for you. This is one of the rare times I really thankful I'm so flat chested. Just the same though, you should definitely make sure everything is situated just right before going out into public and I wouldn't do a lot of quick movements. It could end in an accidental reveal.   If you're looking for an affordable swimsuit thats well - hot - this $12 suit is the way to go. You can't beat the price.

You can check out Zaful on instagram here and shop their large collection of trendy afforadable clothing here (they have so much more than swimwear).

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