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Style Straight To Your Door With Kidbox

I have recently discovered the best way to get kids clothing! It's seriously amazing! Think Stitchfix for kids. Kidbox lets you fill out a survey to describe your child's personal style and then a stylist hand picks items for your child. On your doorstep arrives a box full of gorgeous clothing perfect for your kid. I loved all the items in both of my boy's boxes and there were lots of items! You get a new box every season - so they take all the work out of shopping for your child's wardrobe. Even more impressive - every time you purchase a box they donate clothing to a child in need.

See how excited they are! I had to reign them in to get them to take a pic before ripping into their boxes. Also - inside each box are fun stickers and the whole thing is designed to be colored. Currently they are using their boxes to store all their art supplies and drawings!

Finn is the ultimate poser for me. He lives to be in front of the camera. His striped tee and skinny jeans came inside his box. They fit him perfectly and I know we will definitely be getting lots of use out of them. Those skinny black jeans are the absolute cutest!

Jackson loves the pants he got inside his box. These reebok joggers are super comfy (according to him) and I have had to reprimand him many times for wearing them too many days in a row. I think he would wear them everyday if I would let him. His stylist totally nailed his sense of style!

We received so many more amazing outfits inside our Kidbox and I am excited to share the looks with you over the upcoming weeks. If you haven't tried Kidbox before I strongly recommend that you do - you can return any of the items you don't like. We liked everything though - all the brands were name brands I knew and loved, the fit was spot on, and the styles right up my kids alley. The process is so easy and painless - unlike dragging your children around the mall. Sign up here and avoid the shopping drama for good!

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