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Tired As A Mother

I don't think anyone understands the word tired quite as well as a mom. We don't get breaks, sick days, or a full night's sleep. That's mom life and we put on our mommy panties and deal with it. The perks are worth the exhaustion. I run on my 3 C's of survival - coffee, cokes, and candy. As you can tell I'm a total health nut! I love this witty tee from Avenue G Kids. It's perfect for the day after Halloween - my sugar-hyped kiddos obviously did very little sleeping but of course we had to be up bright and early for school. Can I get a nap please? Haha - I know I'm a mom - but a girl can dream right?!?

I paired this tee with leather pants because tees don't have to be dressed totally down. These pants are just as comfy as my jeans and paired with sneakers this is a totally kid friendly outfit. It looks like I'm trying way harder than I did - the pants are fooling you! I'm a sleepy mama today.

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