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DIY: Make Your Own Holiday Clutch

I'm a pretty big fan of a good old craft project and whenever I have spare time I get lost in the craft stores like Michaels and Hobby Lobby. This time I drew inspiration from the dollar section at Target. It's pretty easy to get caught up in all the cuteness they have to offer there. I got all the supplies for this pouch from the dollar section for a grand total of $9 (not counting the embroidery floss & needles). This is a very simple DIY and I can't wait to share it with you!


Felt Pouch - I found mine for $3 in the dollar section of Target. If you're lucky enough to spot some of these snag them up. Every time I see one there I buy it. I want to make clutches for all occasions. If you can't find one there below are a few links to some you can order and also a link to how to make your own.

Felt Letters - I took mine from a Merry & Bright banner for $3 in the dollar spot at Target. I really think the options are endless here - any fun felt cutouts will work. You could even cut out your own designs from sheets of felt. I just keep my eyes open each time I enter Target (which is pretty frequently) to see what new felt options they have. Yesterday I found candy canes and snow men.
Tassel Keychain - Another Target dollar spot for only $3. I have accumulated quite the collection of these because I think they are so cute! They have lots of color options to chose from.
Embroidery Floss - I picked up a variety pack of neon colors from Hobby Lobby. You could also just chose the individual colors you prefer from their huge selection of colors.
Needles - Get a stronger needle. The felt needles or tapestry needles work great. I would also recommend a thimble because my thumb was so sore by the end from pushing the needle through the fabric.

1) Design your layout. Figure out in advance how you want your felt letters or objects to be arranged. I usually take a picture to remember if it's tricky or you could always pin them in place.

2) Now you embroider the letters/objects on using the stitch of your choosing. I'm not the best at embroidery so I chose to try a split stitch. This is the link to a very helpful stitch glossary/tutorial. The stitching takes some patience but I enjoyed doing it in the evening while watching a movie. It took me pretty much the entire film to complete it.

3) Add tassel and you are good to go! Not bad for a 2-3 craft project. Now you have a custom clutch complete with crafting bragging rights. I also think this would be so cute on those felt wine pouches they have in the dollar spot at Target. You could just put your initials on it!

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