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Lipstick Love - It's Kiss Proof, Smear Proof, and Smudge Proof!

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I love lipstick, especially boldly colored lipstick. The problem for me has always been keeping that lipstick right where it should stay - on my lips. It comes off when I kiss my boys, gets on my travel mug & cups, smears outside my lip line, even smudges onto my clothing. When I was approached about Lipsense - I thought no way this stuff really works. I couldn't have been more wrong. It's incredible and truly stays completely budge proof. My reluctant guinea pig was thrilled to see my kisses left no visible trail of proof on his face. Mom kisses are no longer cool in his book.

There are lots of colors to choose from at Lipsense. I love how it doesn't dry my lips out at all! It only takes a few minutes to apply. You put on about 3 coats of the color - each coat takes like 3-5 seconds to dry and then you can apply the gloss. My lips stayed moisturized and full of color the entire day. I didn't remove before bed and my white pillowcase remained free from red lip smears. The next morning I still had pretty red lips. I'm hooked! I want so many colors now and hate the thought of going back to my old messy lipsticks.

You can shop the full range of colors and get your own lipstick that sticks here.

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