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My Inner Mermaid With POPFLEX

I love the beach. It is always the perfect place to relax for me. Something about the roll of the waves and the endless blue horizon sets my soul right. We were there over Thanksgiving break and I got tons of wear out of my near POPFLEX leggings and tops. The bright pastel colors of their mermaid collection fit perfectly with my surroundings. They are also so comfortable - while I'm not a yoga expert (I do dabble) - I am constantly active. I walk several miles daily and I have a houseful of boys. We are always playing tag, dodgeball, football, etc... and I could live in this clothing. Typically I am not much for showing my stomach - 4 babies later it has never been the same - but I loved the longer length of their Criss Cross Crop top paired with the higher waist of the Draw The Line Legging. It gave me the confidence to go for it! The pretty colors of their mermaid line called my name immediately but it's not just a pretty face so to speak. The clothing is so well made and durable. There is so much attention to detail to - with the strappy back, mesh panels, drawstring waist, and my very favorite: pockets. Also the price is actually reasonable! Take a moment to check out all the activewear options they have at POPFLEX and you'll be saying "Lulu...who?".

Criss Cross Crop / ℅ here     Goddess Top / ℅ here    Draw The Line Leggings / ℅ here

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