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Tuesdays with meli: 10 Things You Probably don't know about me

I have been in the habit of keeping my posts for the most part clothing based, but, I'm thinking that it's time to change things up. I want y'all to feel like you know me - just like I want to know more about you. I hope that Meli Laine is a place where you feel like you're just hanging out with a friend and gabbing about shopping, family, and outfit ideas. So I'm going to try to have a weekly post called - Tuesdays with Meli - where you can get to know me better. Please tell me about yourself in the comments too - I want to get to know you too!

1) I couldn't drink at my wedding. I know you're thinking it's because I was preggars but it's actually because I was underage. I got married at 20 and my parents were pretty adamant I wasn't going to be consuming any alcohol. In the end my mom did compromise and let me participate in the champagne toast. 

2) I'm a southern peach. I've lived in Georgia my entire life. While I don't talk like the stereotypical southerner (very few of us do - contrary to what television & movies love to depict), I do say "y'all" all the time. I would love to experience living somewhere new and hope to get to one day. The best thing to me about living in Georgia is the seasons. I really do love getting to experience all of them.

3) I have horrible eating habits. I just love junk food. I'm basically Kevin McCallister in Home Alone only substitute candy & chips for ice cream. My bedside drawer is full of gummy bears, sweet tarts, airheads, and jalapeƱo chips. I hide them from my kids and then stuff my face at night. My husband frequently finds chips in our bed. It's a good thing he loves me.

4) I have a major vomit phobia. Since I was a child I've been terrified of the "v" word. My neighbors were used to me using their bathroom when someone in my home was ill because I was so scared of germs. I wouldn't leave my room and would hold my breath as I walked through the house. I still have trouble sleeping at night because I live in constant fear one of my kids will come down with the stomach flu. It takes everything in me to deal with it when my children get sick. Why couldn't I just be afraid of heights?

5) I constantly abandon shopping carts. It's no secret that I love to shop and that I tend to be an impulse shopper. The good thing about that is when I shop online I usually lose the impulse before I actually purchase. It's like some weird therapy. I fill my virtual shopping cart with all my heart desires and then close the window before buying. I know...people are strange.

6) I am a very fast reader. This is probably due to the fact that I was a pretty big nerd in grade school. I used to read as I walked the hallways (many a bump on the head from that) and even in the cafeteria. I can read anywhere and tune everything else around me out. This is pretty useful in a noisy household like mine. I pick up a thick book in the afternoon (like 400+ pages) and have it completed before bedtime.  Drives my hubby crazy - he's not much for reading so he thinks it's a super power. 

7) I'm my biggest critic.I think we are all like that. I can point out my flaws faster than anyone and I'm pretty likely to tell you about them before you ever notice. I will redo a post 10x before I actually post it and chances are - I'll still end up revising it later. I hear this voice in my mind that is constantly saying "If you're not going to do something right, there's no point in doing it." 

8) I got married in kindergarten. It was a mock wedding and very exciting to my 5-year old self. The parts were chosen by your name being drawn from a hat. The groom's name was drawn first and it just happened to be the handsome little guy I had a huge crush on. Unfortunately for my tender little heart when they drew my name for bride - he opted to quit his role as groom. Kids can be mean - even in kindergarten. I did get to wear my grandma's wedding dress and ride in a limo - so he totally missed out. Just saying.

9) I kicked a hole in my brother's door over a Jaw's t-shirt. If you're thinking there's a fascinating tale behind this...it's just a great example of how hot-headed I am. I had a middle-school movie date (which meant my aunt & little bro were also attending) and my brother did not see eye-to-eye with me about wardrobe. I thought a shirt with fake blood and a mock shark bite hole in the side wasn't proper attire and he thought my opinion didn't matter. Long story short - I proved my point by kicking a huge hole in his door. I take my fashion seriously.

10) I'm pretty crafty. I love to do craft projects. Mainly I love to come up with them and buy the supplies. Truthfully, I rarely actually see them through to completion. The problem is - I tend to go for tedious crafts and then I lose interest because they take so long to complete. I have cool ideas...just poor execution. Currently working on watercolor painting on coloring book pages... hopefully I'll see this one through to the end and then I will share it with y'all (see there I go with my one southern slang).


  1. Good to know more about you through this post��. You have a good dose of self-awereness and this is good. Take care and be mindful��

  2. Thank you! So glad you enjoyed the post :)