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Velvet Chokers & Faux Leather Leggings: "May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor"


You can find me in leggings pretty often. They are so comfy! I can't seem to resist throwing them on when I'm rushed in the morning (which is pretty much every morning). I really love the leather look leggings because they give your outfit a chic feel and a lot less dressed in the dark! I have certainly worn these leggings on repeat! I would so recommend this choker too - at only $2 - it's a piece that makes a statement for practically nothing. As for the trench jacket: truthfully this fell pretty short in my opinion. The fabric is extremely thin. It provides no warmth or structure. I can see it for a layering piece but if you have more money in your budget - invest in something nicer. A trench is a classic staple and you will get use out of it for so many years. This one quite frankly - clearly shows it's cheap price tag.


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