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Atlanta Face & Body: The Skinny On Babytox & Why I Love It

I'm a newbie to the world of anything resembling botox or needles in my face. My skincare routine is a joke. I consistently sleep in my makeup and some days - I wakeup and reapply on top of it. I have dry skin so I use tons of moisturizer. I also have lots of redness to my skin, mainly my cheeks. I finally went to the dermatologist and learned that I have rosacea. When I got the opportunity to try Babytox at Atlanta Face & Body - I was pretty nervous for several reasons. One of the course the needles and then there was the fear that it would make my super sensitive skin go crazy. If you're reading this and you're like "what in the world is babytox?" (It's not botox for babies...which makes me think of Zoolander saying "What is this? A center for ants?") - I promise I will explain! Just keep reading ya'll.

Let's start with the basics. Babytox is a form of botox but it's not injected into the muscle. Instead they use tons of itty-bitty needles and inject it into the surface of your skin - it's very superficial. The very cool thing about this procedure is they create a cocktail formulated custom for your skin. The ingredients used in mine were botox, injectable hyloronic acid, vitamin C, saline, and apple stem cells. The alien looking device below is how they inject it into your skin. This process has been around for ages in Europe - they call it skin boosters - Atlanta Face & Body is one of the very few places you can have this cool treatment done.

The first thing they do is apply numbing cream all of over your skin. It sits for a while and once removed they do some dermaplaning. The process is very similar to having someone shave your face. All the little hairs and dead skin get removed.
This tiny contraption has all the micro needles built in and is filled with your babytox cocktail. In the pic the lid is still attached but the tiny gold stuff you see are the needles. They press them into your face to inject all those magical ingredients right into your skin. She even did my lips - which left them smoother and a tiny bit plumper. Samantha knows so much about making your skin amazing. She made me feel so comfortable and not at all screamish. Is it painful? I'd say it's more uncomfortable than anything. It's very tolerable. The whole process from numbing cream to finish only took a little over an hour.
I left with a rejuvenating peptide gel mask which felt cool and refreshing. I possibly scared a few passersby on my drive home. My skin is super sensitive so it stayed pretty red for the remainder of the day. The next morning though the redness had subsided. The results are subtle but my skin is smoother and has an airbrushed feel to it. My makeup glides on and it has helped a little with the constant redness of my cheeks. It helps with fine lines, wrinkles, and texture correction  - this is with NO downtime. Y'all this REDUCES PORE SIZE! Thank you Lord! It's recommended to have it done once a month for three months and then only once every four months. These are my results from only one procedure.

I feel like my skin has a little bit of a glow and it seems more hydrated too. The photos on the left and top are the before - the right and bottom the afters.
Let me leave you with a no makeup, no filter selfie - can you tell the difference? I know that I can - this is the first time I've ever posted a selfie with absolutely no little helpers! If you want to book an appt to have your own babytox with Atlanta Face & Body - be sure to mention me - Meli Laine - and then you will save 10% on your procedure.

*I was provided the procedure free of charge for my honest opinions and thoughts*


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