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Confetti Clouds - Di Depux Creates Jewelry Inspired By Pop Culture

│NECKLACE: ℅ DI DEPUX│DRESS: (similar here)│
│SHOES: BCBG (similar here)│CLUTCH: ℅ ROSS MIU

Graphic Designer Di Depux says she finds inspiration in Japanese pop culture and I am loving it! Her handmade pieces are quirky and so unique. They always have a creative & fun vibe about them. Her cloud necklace is filled with sparkling confetti that moves about as you wear it. Can't get much more fun than confetti! I love the attention to detail from the polka dot background to the silver glittery trim. I'm also crushing on her Unicorn Head Necklace and her Leopard Lips Necklace. Check out her shop to see which piece calls your name.

│NECKLACE: ℅ DI DEPUX│DRESS: (similar here)│
│SHOES: BCBG (similar here)│CLUTCH: ℅ ROSS MIU

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