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Expressions Brow Studio - Microblading & Why I Love It

Microblading. If you are like me, you've heard of it but have a pretty fuzzy grasp of what it actually is. I thought it would be like getting a tattoo on my eyebrows. I'm picturing the same tattoo gun they used on my mistake of a lower back tattoo and brows that look like they were drawn in place. When Angela from Expressions Brow Studio reached out to me - I was kind of hesitant. But it couldn't have been more different than I have imagined. Seriously - it is amazing and a procedure I would recommend to everyone!

See my sad and thin brows above. This is with no makeup helpers - the true woke up like this eyebrows. I usually draw them in to create fullness each morning. I had the same problem I have with eyeliner. They never match and one always looks way better than the other. It's just frustrating because I constantly have to re-do and almost always end up un-satisfied with how they turn out. I have 4 kids - there really isn't time in my day for eyebrow drama.

So go ahead and erase that image you have in your mind of a tattoo parlor. This is a salon experience. You will be numbed (thank goodness) and there are no hums of tattoo guns. Instead it's a relaxing peaceful environment with soft music in the background. Angela is the nicest woman. I instantly felt completely comfortable and trusted her completely. Trust is very important when doing something semi-permanent to your body, especially your FACE. This is the kind of decision that you should do your research on and don't get cheap. Ladies - again - this is your FACE. I'm just chilling with my numbing creme on above.

Once she takes the numbing creme off, the next step is to draw the outline of your brows. Don't worry - it doesn't look like that when it's finished but it's the guidelines for creating your fuller improved brows. Before anything is actually applied Angela sits you up and lets you make sure this is the thickness you want and arch. She makes certain that the symmetry is perfect too. She will also let you look at the different pigments to decide which one you both feel best matches your brows. The whole experience makes you feel like you are a team (guided by an expert of course) but your input is there every step of the way.

Here's the part I know you are dying to know - did it hurt? I'm not here to lie to you ladies. It does hurt a bit but it's just another one of those things women do to look their best. When she does the first pass of blading the numbing creme is not in full effect because it hasn't been able to get absorbed directly into your skin. The best way I can describe it is to say it feels like someone is scratching you. The process is done with a blade not a gun. This is why it actually looks like little hairs. The good news is - it's super quick. The pain part only last 2 mins per eyebrow. It's not unbearable, just unpleasant. Trust me on this - it is totally worth it. Once you get through those 4 mins - it's pain free from there on out.

I can't get over how much I love the final result! It turned out so much better than I could have imagined! No much eyebrow woes for me. I wake up and they are perfect all the time. I am totally amazed by how natural it looks too - you would never know I didn't just have great brows from birth. I am hooked and I love knowing that my brows will look this good with zero work for the next 1-3 years. If you are located in the Atlanta area you have to book an appt at Expressions Brow Studio. I am beyond impressed with every aspect of the experience.

*I was provided this procedure free of charge in exchange for my honest feedback*


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