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Gorgeous Hair The Easy Way With Hidden Crown Extensions

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I love the way thick, long, wavy hair looks but I was born with super thin hair. I did my best to embrace it but after years of coloring it's just a damaged mess. Hidden Crown extensions instantly transform my hair into the lustrous locks of my dreams. It takes about 3 minutes to put them on your head. It's seriously that easy. You apply them pretty much the same as a boho headband and then use the included comb to pull layers of your own hair above them. Usually after I pull out my hair and have the extension snugly in position - I will add a few curls with the curling iron. You really only need to curl these extensions once because they hold the body so well. I mainly curl my own hair a bit to make it blend together. The result is lightweight and simple to achieve. The first time wearing it felt a bit odd on my head but I have quickly adjusted and barely notice they are even on.

My natural thin shoulder length hair.↑

All the pics with long hair above are when I'm wearing the Hidden Crown Extensions. I have noticed very minimal shedding - like next to none. They don't seem to tangle much which is pretty rare with extensions this long. I also like that with the unique way of applying I can easily style in a low ponytail or braids - it's difficult for me to achieve that with clip ins. I am far from skilled in the hair department and I have zero issues blending these extensions in with my natural hair. It truly is as easy as it looks in the video above.

This hair is high quality - it's 100% Remy Human Hair - meaning you can style it just like you would style your own hair. However, to make it last it's best to avoid using product, limit exposure to heat, and wash only when necessary (you can usually go 2-4 months since they are not at your scalp getting exposed to oil). They are also double drawn extensions. What this means is the thickness is consistent throughout, root to tip. It keeps the ends looking full instead of wispy. Another reason to chose Hidden Crown is they don't damage your hair. Clip ins or permanent extensions cause breakage and worse. Hidden Crown is basically like wearing a headband. You can get your own set from Hidden Crown. I'm wearing the 60/8P in the 20 inches. Seriously - I can't recommend them enough!

*I was gifted a set of Hidden Crown extensions in exchange for my honest thoughts and feedback*


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