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Florals + Stripes Is Always Nice

PantsCrop TopClutch │ 

I never met a stripe I didn't like and when you make it crazy wide leg with a high waist - I was powerless. It was instantly added to my cart. My favorite thing about a high waist is how forgiving it is for someone like myself who has no will power when it comes to carbs. It's extremely kind & understanding. In fact, it basically says: you should have dessert. If it's not high waisted there is no way you will catch me in a crop top. Let's just be honest. 

I didn't link the vest or shoes because they are old Poshmark finds of mine. If you are searching - the shoes are Zara and the vest is Alice & Olivia.  Also the necklace and earrings are Target and recently purchased but for whatever reason - not on their site. 

So this outfit is making me want to see a beach somewhere and ASAP. Who's with me?!? I'm so over winter already - beach please! XOXO -  💜 Meli

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